Judith Hornok



Decode – What is this?

You know the moment? The moment everything SNAPS? When you’re on an emotional roller coaster and the feelings just overwhelm you: anger, frustration or fear. Be it with family, friends, or colleagues. Be it on the job, facing the boss, or just facing yourself.

This is when strange things happen to us – physically as well as mentally. But what exactly is going on? Who is exerting influence over us in these situations? How do we change our behavior, change the reactions of our body?

As a decoder, I’ve been researching this for a long time, trying to find solutions. In this blog, scientists and experts can offer tips and professional expertise. Step by step, case-study by case-study, I’d like to show you how to recognize your own emotional hinderers and, thereby, control them more easily.

All Illustrations © “Emotional Hinderers” Judith Hornok