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The Relentless Judgement

Case Study on the Relentless Judgement: New Business

Maria is a successful businesswoman. Negotiating with diverse nationalities is routine for her, nothing can put her off or confuse her. In a conversation about doing business with China, I experienced a completely new Maria …

Decode the Moment

“Your products would also be interesting for the Chinese market,” I say. Suddenly Maria changes her otherwise balanced manner. “No thanks!” Her tone takes on an aggressive edge, and she says, “Never! The Chinese steal everything! I don’t care at all… All thieves!”

Identify the Emotional Hinderer

© “The Relentless Judgement”
Judith Hornok

Attention: When an almost fanatical, one-sided way of thinking can be heard: “I know you all! All the same! Simply everyone! …” When generalizations and judgement are established without any evidence at all, and if different perspectives and ways of thinking are not allowed in any way, then one thing is certain: The Relentless Judgement character (picture) has already arrived and is beginning to manipulate.

Sharpen your awareness – let the situation work for you

Before you miss opportunities – chances that will enhance your life – whether in business or in your private life, listen to an expert tip that gives you the opportunity to take a neutral starting point, to question opinions and to check whether they are correct. This will help you to be successful in the long term.

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  1. Hans Hekker

    Dear Judith, I fully agree. Great text. The human mind judges instantly.
    A nice example is the story of this guy who crashes his car at high speed against another car, driven by elderly people. In the first occasion, you explain that drugs are found in the speeding car and ask who’s fault the accident is.
    Then, new scenario, same car same accident, but than there are medicins in the car that are urgently needed by the driver’s father. Who is guilty now?
    The human mind switches instantaneously. Brilliant!
    Hope to talk to you again.
    Kind regards,
    Hans Hekker

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