Judith Hornok



I was never interested in PowerPoint presentations. The thrill, for me, was interaction – actively engaging with my counterparts. In that way, the material really gets through to you.
In my workshops „The Concept of The Emotional Hinderers by Judith Hornok“, people are introduced to The Emotional Hinderers and learn to apply the 3-step-approach.

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In the basic workshop, The Emotional Hinderers will be introduced. You will receive an introduction to the 7 Emotional Hinderers and learn to deal with them in a playful way.

The object of the advanced workshop is to build on the learning content of the basic seminar to decode individual situations and to apply the 3-step-approach.

This special workshop is dedicated to specific, pre-defined topics that you want to discuss and based on this a special program will be developed.

The goal: For successful people – to be more successful.

I would be happy to speak to you on one of these topics and to introduce you to The Emotional Hinderers.

For more information, please contact me at: htp@aon.at