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© WKT/frischauf-bild

© WKT/frischauf-bild

For years, I’ve been hosting rounds of discussions, speaking in forums and giving talks.

At these talks, my decoding of the audience helps me create a positive chemistry between the participants and the panels. This good rapport, and the interest it creates, spreads through the whole audience.

©Judith Hornok

© Judith Hornok
2020 The Worldly Marketer Podcast
What You Need to Know About Doing Business in the Gulf Region and the Emotional Hinderers
2017 Vienna – Creation of The Emotional Hinderers
2015 New York, United States, Princeton Club
America’s Businesses in the Arab World
2013 Washington D.C., United States, Library of Congress
Modern Arab Women the New Generation
2012 Los Angeles, United States, World Affairs Council
The new generation of Arabs in business
2011 Munich, Germany, Media Day
Die arabische Welt in den Medien
2010 United Arab Emirates, Global Arab Business Meeting Horasis
Is this region becoming a part of global culture – if so, to what extent?
2010 Silicon Valley, United States, IDEO and Stanford University
Women of the Golf
2009 Austria, International Chamber of Commerce
Geschäftsmöglichkeiten in den arabischen Ländern
2008 International Chamber of Commerce, Austria
Lerne die Araber verstehen, um Geschäfte abzuschließen
2007 Austria, Forum Alpbach
Die Rolle von arabischen Geschäftsfrauen auf dem arabischen Markt

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