Judith Hornok


The Insatiable Greed

Case Study of InsatIable Greed: The mega-job-offer

I am sitting with Swiss native Thomas in the car. I admire him for his business success and his trustful business-by-handshake quality. That’s what Thomas promises: he will keep his word – no matter what. Suddenly, I am experiencing a change in the tone of his voice, as he starts to tell me:

The Situation

“Yesterday I had a fantastic conversation – I received a request for a huge job; they were impressed with my products, they appreciated the quality. Wow! What a day!” For a few seconds Thomas seems to be lost in thought, “Well, except for a project this size I will need to compromise my high quality standards, these are different conditions …”

Identify the Emotional Hinderer

© “Insatiable Greed“ Judith Hornok

Attention: “Insatiable Greed” (in the picture) has just arrived and starts to manipulate. The catchphrase of this character is: “You will do it! Everything will work out well!” And it silences the cautious with the words: “You will never get this chance again! Be careful not to lose it! Take every opportunity you can get – NOW!

Sharpen your awareness – apply a technique

Before you can be turned by the character Insatiable Greed, who will try to talk to you with the following words: “That’s how the world works today, that’s how you’ll survive. So, what’s the problem? Everything will work out well!” Before you set actions that will be dangerously and irresponsible, and where you, in the worst case, may lose not only all your orders and commissions, but also start to compromise your personal values – listen to the advice of an expert:

Monika Naimer knows the thoughtless actions of the Insatiable Greed character. As a master student of Vera F. Birkenbihl (known as the first popular female motivational trainer/, member of the “Hall of Fame” of the German Speakers Association) she provides companies with brain-compatible methods according to Birkenbihl. For toning down Insatiable Greed, she has the following tip:


Be “Rooted to the ground” to achieve “A feeling of satiation”.

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