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Self Confidence – The “Right Now” Perception Technique

Technique of Toni Stocker, an experienced mountain guide in South Tyrol

At the very moment, when thoughts arise like: Well, everything will be OK, I already know this situation! I know this person! At this moment you say:


  • Forget it! You don’t know this person! And you don’t know this situation either!
  • STOP!
  • Repeat these sentences three times (if you can, try to take yourself off to a quiet place where you say these sentences three times aloud; if that is not possible, just do it mentally).
  • And NOW – perceive the person you are interacting with at the same moment.
  • Hear his/her footsteps, listen to his/her breath, look people in the face – what is the expression in their eyes, what is their skin color (reddish, pale …?); What is the smell this person generates – sour / fearful? …
  • Be aware of this person NOW! at this moment – this person whom you think you already know so well.
  • LISTEN to this person with all your SENSES!
  • And then make your decision.

Try it. You will see how exciting it is. How much more knowledge you suddenly gain about someone you have known for years.

This Technique is useful for The Relentless Judgement and The Bloated Ego – “Me, Me, Me – I know everything”.

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