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People from the Arab World call the long-term study The Arab Business Code by the Austrian Judith Hornok a must read.


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Of particular interest is Judith Hornok’s concept of “The Emotional Hinderers.”

Vienna, August 3, 2021: Shortly after the English language edition of her latest book The Arab Business Code was published, the author Judith Hornok is overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the Arab world. Renowned businesspeople from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates consider her book a must read for foreign businesspeople.

Judith Hornok is an author and calls herself “The Decoder.” Born in Vienna, she travels the world extensively and landed a hit with her book, The Arab Business Code.

The Arab Business Code, published by Routledge Verlag, is a must read for business travelers in the Arab world. In her book Hornok explains communication techniques using the “Arab Codes.” According to The Decoder, Hornok, codes exist in every society, and it is important to recognize and interpret them.

“The Arab Codes, the behavior and language patterns in the Arab world, are unfamiliar to the western world or are simply ignored by foreigners,” explains Hornok. “However, in order to have successful business relationships, one should know the most important codes.”

Hornok’s book consists of six chapters with detailed descriptions of different situations. The many case studies represent problematic situations in which many businesspeople from the western world, but also businesspeople from the Arab world, recognize and could find themselves in.

“This book is the ABC of every businessman and every businesswoman who enters Saudi Arabia.” ⎯ Dr. Abdulrahman Alzamil, member of one of the biggest business-families in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia

In her book, Hornok also describes the concept of “The Emotional Hinderers,” a new approach to identify negative emotions and feelings in our behavior at an early stage and how to manage them successfully. Arab businesspeople also see great potential for developing themselves with this new concept. And with it, conduct business with western businesspeople even more successfully.

“I am impressed by Judith Hornok’s concept of “The Emotional Hinderers” and see it as a new approach to improve communication, especially in the business world. We Arab businesspeople are often more reserved and not direct in the way we speak. This is one of our “codes” and means “respect” – not to offend one’s counterpart. But I think sometimes it would be better for us if we learn a more direct language and don’t stick to our codes. Judith’s concept could be very helpful. Even for other cultures too, people could, with this concept, have even better communications with others. The concept of The Emotional Hinderers works worldwide.” ⎯ Bahraini businesswoman Mona Almoayyed, in 2014 Forbes named her as one of the most dynamic Arab businesswomen.

“These are exciting statements from businesspeople,” says The Decoder, Hornok, “because if Arab people understand their codes even better by learning my concept and thus convey them more clearly to western businesspeople, then this can lead to more successful business outcomes.”

Hornok sees these findings as her mandate to continue researching even more intensively: “Codes can be found everywhere, not just in the Arabian Gulf, but globally – in families, in corporations, among friends.” Spurred on by her success, her special interest now focuses on the USA. “In my studies of the US market, I recognized how different the “codes” between Americans and us, the Europeans, are – and how much The Emotional Hinderers hinder. And how important it is to recognize and identify the Emotional Hinderers at an early stage. It’s about getting to know ourselves better; how to deal with our own negative emotions and feelings in a better way. If we achieve this, our communication with our counterparts will improve,” concludes Hornok.

The Arab Business Code has already been published in English and German and is about to be translated into Arabic.

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