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Judith Hornok from Vienna receives worldwide recognition for her concept “The Emotional Hinderers”


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Judith Hornok from Vienna receives worldwide recognition for her concept “The Emotional Hinderers”

Vienna, 1st March 2021 – Decoder Judith Hornok is expanding the research on her concept, “The Emotional Hinderers.” The concept, which she developed over years, enables a more comprehensive way of communicating in business relationships as well as in personal life. The Viennese author is delighted about the international recognition.

Over 15 years Hornok, who was born in Vienna, studied “The Emotional Hinderers” of the business world. In her book, “The Arab Business Code” she presents her concept for the first time and illustrates the negative emotions and feelings that inevitably arise during communication with different people.

“Nobody is always relaxed and in a good mood, or completely adjusts to their counterpart. We do not control our Emotional Hinderers all the time,” Judith explains.

The Emotional Hinderers represent seven possible negative emotions and feelings in an illustrated way that enable us to identify them in ourselves and their negative effects on others, without in-depth psychological explanations.

“Especially in the business world, you want to have successful conversations and it is exactly then that you need to recognize yourself and assess your counterpart correctly in order to be able to react appropriately,” Judith says.

She received early recognition of her ideas from the business world in the Arab Gulf. As Latif Al-Mahmoud, renowned Qatari businessman and CEO of the Dar Al Sharq Group, one of the leading media houses in Qatar (owned by Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani Al Thani, a member of the Royal Family), comments:

“As I read this book, I found myself fascinated with the way you opt to illustrate all the issues; especially the “the seven characters,” even by the messages they convey. With no doubt, Judith Hornok is mastering her tools for easy access to her readers’ minds through comprehensive, and even simple, methods, and this happens because of her long experience in Gulf that allows her to go deep inside their cultures. I think the concept of “The Emotional Hinderers” could flourish as a plan for every business-person who seeks success.”

Judith feels validated and assured that her concept of “The Emotional Hinderers” leads to success – not only in the Arab Gulf.

“I’m currently studying the American market, because there too, understanding my concept of “The Emotional Hinderers” is of great interest for business success. I am continuing my research,” Judith explains.

She feels particularly encouraged to further continue her research on how the concept of “The Emotional Hinderers” can be applied in different cultures and under other conditions. According to Judith, nothing stands in the way of future publications.

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