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„In this book, Hornok draws on a long experience working in Arab countries to counsel readers on the most effective ways to deal with businesses in the region. The guide begins with a psychological approach to establishing interpersonal connections, urging readers from other cultures to understand their own mindsets and enter into interactions from an open and nonjudgmental perspective. (Problematic emotions are personified throughout the volume; examples of what Hornok calls „Emotional Hinderers„–„Relentless Judgment,“ „Aggressive Inner Critic,“ and „Incensed Anger Rascal,“ among others). Taken together, the book’s elements offer a step-by-step guide to establishing the relationships that make business transactions succeed; as the anecdotes provide many stories of deals and sales achieved through understanding local norms and methods….A detailed, helpful, and well-written guide to developing and sustaining cross-cultural partnerships.“
Kirkus Reviews. The full review can be found here.

„Impressively informative, expertly written, organized and presented, The Arab Business Code should be considered mandatory reading for any corporate executive wanting to do business with any or all of the Arabic gulf nations and/or their collective associations (including OPEC).“
– James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review.

„She’s an engaging, informed coach, and business-minded readers will find much here that’s worth considering when it comes to avoiding pitfalls and managing expectations in cross-cultural deal-making.“
BookLife, a branch of Publishers Weekly.

The Concept of The Emotional Hinderers by Judith HornokWorkshops


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